Triumph of souvenance at Carthage

Triumph of "Souvenance" première at Carthage

Following an absence of more than four year Anouar Brahem made a brilliant come back to the Tunis stage. "Souvenance" was premiered July 10th , 2014 at the Roman theatre of Carthage, at the opening of the 50th session of the International Carthage festival.
Souvenance, by turns graceful, hypnotic, and taut and starkly dramatic brought together Anouar Brahem on oud, François Couturier on piano, Klaus Gesing on bass clarinet, Bjorn Meyer on bass, and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra directed by Risto Joost.

In a packed theatre, in front an audience of 7500  people , "Souvenance" received a standing ovation. Anouar Brahem presented "Nuit d’oiseau" at the opening of the 1988 session and "Ceinture d’Or" at the closing of the 1992 session of the same festival.

This concert was presented in a preview show and before the release of the album scheduled in early 2015.

" Grandiose opening, up to the event, a packed theatre, the audience likes it and responds with an outright standing ovation. (...) Solemnity. There was like poetry  hovering in the air."  La Presse

"The atmosphere was engulfed in silence throughout the whole concert; the audience was transported in a  souvenance (remembering) journey, with a taint of  philosophy and spirituality, going far into the depth of the spirit and cultural realms on which it opens up(...) in an approach where fantasy meets reality." As-Sabah

"A show which contains as much bitterness and sadness expressed by the sounds of the violin, clarinet, (guitar) bass, oud and  the (string) orchestra, as impetuous hope for a future where Tunisia will enjoy freedom." Al-Akhbar